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So, you make TV serials!

What is Your Biggest Challenge?

If you think your TV serial isn’t getting the exposure you have always dreamt of, we will help you improve the TRP of your show.

Reach the Right Audience

Each serial or show has different kinds of audiences, and it must reach to them. Instead of promoting your TV show among all kinds of audiences, we create different sets of audience and promote it well via creative strategies & result-driven tactics.

Keep Updating Strategies

We keep updating our marketing strategies to make your TV serial or show highly popular. We make economical yet “Raw” marketing plans to take your show to the next level. Our effective marketing will make people talking about your serial with their family & friends.

Reviews & Ratings

In this highly-competitive digital world, you should not neglect the value of reviews, ratings, and recommendations when it comes to preparing your serial’s marketing strategy. We at The Raw Promotions will help you get positive reviews from real audiences.

Aware the Audience

Most TV channels or producers have started making content-driven serials, but they fail to reach the right audience. We at The Raw Promotions make your target audience aware of your TV serial through positive word-of-mouth advertising.

Highly-experienced Marketers

Our highly-experienced marketers research and create a custom plan for each show. We don’t suggest the regular marketing plan for all kind of shows. First, we understand the concept of your show and make a result-driven plan to promote it well.

Online Surveys to Prepare Strategies

Before making any marketing strategy, we perform significant research through online surveys. Our well-skilled marketing experts never fail to come up with goal-driven marketing plans that many any TV serial or show highly popular while increasing the TRP.

Boost the TRP (Television Rating Point) of your TV show

Why Choose The Raw Promotions?

We strive to make your TV show or serial highly popular by reaching the right audience and promoting it on the right social platforms. Our team goes in-depth to create a custom marketing plan for each show.

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